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Customer Success in the Food Industry: The Opportunity to Help Heal Individuals and the Planet

How often do you think about the food you consume? Suppose your answer is anything less than every day. In that case, the agricultural and food-producing industries have the opportunity to help you in more ways than you may realize! It's no secret that the foods we eat are nutrient-rich sources of energy and protein that our bodies need to be at their best. But did you know that how we engage, grow, market and talk about our food from producer to consumer plays an influential role in reducing human-induced climate change? In this transfer between consumers, customer success managers, and producers, we have an opportunity to create our resilient, regenerative future.

What are CSMs?

"A customer success manager guides customers through the sales process into the support phase. Rather than functioning as customer support agents, CSMs form a direct relationship with customers and provide them with timely value propositions. This helps customers grow and achieve goals while simultaneously strengthening their relationship with the business." - Hubspot Blog, Swetha Amaresan

Customer Success is Important for Farmers and Produce Companies Too

Food producers and farmers of all sizes, shapes, and specialties are the age-old CSM. They work hard to cultivate a connection between quality food and their community's needs, wants, and desires. They do this while developing living soil, which can spring forth food as medicine. As a result, there is a collective hope that more people will be able to use food as an integral part of their healing process. CSMs are here to fill the gaps in an industry that has, by in large, been one of the leading causes of human-induced climate disasters. As a CSM, we can ensure we all find long-lasting success eating from sustainable and regenerative food producers and find ease and enjoyment in the process.

Farmers and produce companies face many challenges when it comes to customer success. Customers always look for cheaper or fresher produce. Or a new marketing campaign launches a hyper-focus on products creating unsustainable demand (e.g., avocados and bananas) this too can make it difficult for farmers pushing them to create massive mono-crops that deplete our lands fertility. However, there is something CSMs can do. They can help navigate an evolving industry helping to connect customers with the best foods possible, delivering value to customers that eat food from regenerative farmers. This motion provides a runway for the food as medicine revolution, informing others about how their food is grown, including what healthy foods we should eat each season. These are practices that conserve resources while minimizing adverse environmental impacts protecting resources such as water, land, air, animals, plants, and minerals from damage through overuse or misuse.

Remember What Drives You

Working with our customers is more than just about serving their needs. It's about helping them achieve their goals, be healthier, and live better lives. So whether it's a commodity or consumer product company, we're committed to exploring how all of our agricultural initiatives can create a resilient planet for all of us.

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